Senior Session F.A.Q

What should we wear to the photo session?

Keep it simple! Make sure you like what you are wearing and it is comfortable on you.  If you feel comfortable in your outfit you will look more relaxed.  Bring and wear what you feel best in.

Stay within your style and how you like to look.  Make sure your clothing flatters you. 

Jeans with a clean t-shirts, simple sundresses, layered outfits are all great choices. Jewel tones can be gorgeous, and usually look better than plain white or black. Clothing with texture work well for pictures. Different accessories such as scarves, hats, jackets, vests are great to bring along to give a change of pace and look.

Think about the location you want for your session.  Do you want to stand out from the trees or have simple clothing that works well with the colors/setting of the area?

I do love t-shirts that have a fun saying, layering a jean jacket over a sundress,  adding a great sun hat, letting your scarf blow in the wind, an amazing pair of red shoes or your favorite Converse, a pop of color with a vest or socks, highlighting your grandmother's necklace ~ those things individualize your pictures and make them about YOU.

If you have a Letterman Jacket, sport uniform, musical instrument, pompoms, dance shoes, your favorite sports team hat or a special club outfit:   bring it and we can incorporate those into your pictures.

How do we get started at the photo session?

I like to get to know you before I start snapping away. We can have a pre-session chat, either in person, by email or on the telephone. When we get to the session we will talk a bit so I can get to know you: what you & your family want to achieve out of the photos, what makes you laugh, and any ideas that you have for our session.


Props aren't a huge part of my style. I want you to be the main subject of the picture.  If you have something specific in mind, let me know before your session so I know what to pack into the car. 

We definitely should incorporate your interests/hobbies and sports into your pictures. We can showcase your sports, clubs, musical interests in creative and fun ways. Take a look at my galleries and see what seniors from previous years have done. I am pretty adventurous and we can try some unique ways to do the pictures.

What if I am not feeling well?

Please call or email me and we will reschedule. It is better to be feeling good and be well rested.

Do you have a certain number of pictures you take at a session?

No, I have no limit. I shoot until we are done. I will edit all the best pictures. You will get a mix of 20 - 60+ proofed and edited images in your gallery.

Can my parents attend the session?

That all depends. You make that choice with your family. Parents are definitely welcome and I will probably put them to work and we do need the help (carrying clothing changes or holding reflectors). Seniors give me more natural reactions when mom isn't hanging over them giving directions or fussing too much with their clothing. If I need parents help I promise I will ask.  We can definitely use assistance during the session, so a friend/sibling or parent joining us can help.

If your parents attend the session I have 3 rules: Have fun, don't stress, and enjoy yourself ~ your kids will follow your actions and mood.

How do I view the pictures?

I will have your images ready in an online gallery 7-21 days after your session. This gallery will be password protected for you. Your online gallery is available for viewing for at least 90 days. If you need the time extended there is a $50 fee to reactivate the online gallery if you have let it expire.

How do we pay the session fee?

The session fee is part of the package price.  The deposit of $200 is due at or prior to your session. You can bring a check, cash or credit card number. I can also bill you by PayPal prior to the session. The Senior Package includes your yearbook picture. When you purchase your package, the $200 deposit is deducted from your final bill.

Do you offer any specials when ordering?

Special pricing is in the Senior Session Packages ~ the session fee is included, your yearbook pictures submitted to your school is included, digital images are included and Add-On's are discounted from the a la carte prices.

Where do you take the pictures?

You choose where your session takes place.  I can give you suggestions based on outfits, interests, what you want for the pictures or as your background.  I do not have a studio and all sessions are outdoors.  We live in a beautiful part of the world and so many places near us are awesome for a session.  I have an online gallery with images from locations I have used for Senior Sessions in the past.  When you book your date, I will give you the link to this online gallery to view.

We set the exact location and start time about a week prior to the session.  We know the weather/details etc...at that point and can make a good informed decision then.

Different locations look better or have better light at different times of the day or at various times of the year.  I may have suggestions for you regarding location depending on when your session date  is. 

I am located in Sammamish, Washington and have done sessions all around this area.

Do you have any referral programs?

Yes! If you join my Senior Model Team and refer another senior to me and they book a session, you can get a $50 print credit towards your order, or $20 cash. I love referrals and most of my business comes to me that way.

If I have other questions, what should I do?

Anytime you have questions, please email or call me. I am more than happy to help you out when I can.


call/text 425-346-3754

Facebook message:  Kathryn Myers Terry