I am a photographer of life.

Of love.  Of the biggest smile. Of a quick glance. Of a wise face. Of a fierce stare. Of mischevious siblings. The silliest smile. The saddest tear.  The look only a mother knows. 

We live in such a beautiful amazing part of the world and I love to capture that in my portraits.  Of a distant snow-capped mountain.  Toes in the sand.  Peaceful wilderness. Yellow rain boots splashing in a puddle.  Throwing fall leaves. Grasses blowing in the wind. Sparkling dew in the sunrise.

Through my lens, I capture the feelings, emotions of the moment. I am told I capture the personality of a person. I love that.

I especially love Senior pictures. What an amazing time in your life. You and your family should be able to look back at these pictures over the years and instantly be brought back to the special memories of this time.

Everyone is different and I try to capture your uniqueness in your images. My philosophy is to have fun with whatever I do. My style of photography goes right along with that way of thinking. A photo session should be something to be enjoyed. I want to capture natural and relaxed moments, expressions, glimpses into your personality.

My goal in a session is for you to have fun, which will reflect in me capturing casual, contemporary and real images. Thanks for reading about me!

Charlie 7 lacrosse